Hotels near Krakow Arena

Hotel near Krakow Arena

I am looking for a hotel near Krakow Arena in Krakow, preferably from which I can easily walk to Krakow Arena. Can you please help me?

Thank you for the question! The Krakow Arena is almost a brand new concert venue, about 5,5km away from Main Market Square, so it is not to centrally located in Krakow. For that reason there are not so many hotels closely located to the venue (yet), but still, here you will find the name of three places you could consider if you look for a place to reside near the Krakow Arena.

Hotel nearest Krakow Arena

The hotel located nearest to the Krakow Arena is the Hotel Justina. The hotel is located at one side of the big park Park Lotnikow Polskich, and if you just walk across the park you will find yourself by the Krakow Arena. By far the nearest hotel to the concert venue.

Hotel near Krakow Arena

Second best option for hotel near Krakow Arena

If you want to live a bit closer to the city center, but still quite close to the Krakow Arena then the second best option is either Residence Vistula or Palace Apartments Cystersów. These are both a bit to far away, at least if you are tired, from Krakow Arena to walk, but if you do not mind walking 1 or 2 kilometres, these can both be a good option. Be aware of the fact that if you walk from one of these apartments to Krakow Arena you can bump into the CH Plaza, a very popular shopping mall in Krakow, on the way.

We hope you have found our answer useful, and wish you all the best for your stay in Krakow. For more information on upcoming events and concerts in Krakow Arena, check the following page.

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