Easter Market Krakow

Easter Market 2025

Easter is already upon us, and that means, thousands of tourists are already in Krakow ready to discover the city and to celebrate Easter. How do the tourists celebrate Easter? Mostly by shopping, and that is why the annual Easter market in Krakow is a big hit.

But, when will the Easter market be arranged in Krakow? Where can it be found? What can you buy if you decide to visit the Easter market?

As you probably guessed, the Easter market is arranged at the Main Market square in Krakow, in the heart of the city’s old town, and near a lot of famous and dear attractions. Here you will find the Sukiennice, the main market hall, and it is in the vicinity of this building you will find the stands where you can buy all sorts of interesting products as you pay the Easter market in Krakow a visit.

Easter Market Krakow 2019
The Easter Market is at the Main Market Square in Krakow – Source: Pixabay

What to buy at the Easter Market?

At the Easter market, you will find mostly Easter-related products. In other words, this is the place to buy hand-painted Easter eggs, and other Easter decorations. But, you will of course also find food and other souvenirs, meaning that this is a place for everyone, not just for those in love with bunnies and eggs.

Easter Market Krakow 2025

Dates: April 10 – April 21, 2025 (not confirmed 100% yet)

No official dates yet? Don’t worry! The Easter market normally opens 10-14 days before Easter Sunday and the final day of the market is on Easter Monday. In other words, if you come during the traditional Easter holiday, the Easter market in Krakow will be waiting for you!

Where to book a hotel during your trip to Krakow?

Are you still looking for a place to live during your trip to Krakow? The Main Market Square is in the heart of the city, so any hotel or apartment close to this location is ideal. Below you can see a map presenting exactly this area and it includes price estimations of hotels and apartments nearby.


We hope the map will help you find the accommodation you have been dreaming of. Maybe you want a cheap place to stay for your Easter trip to Krakow, or are you rather dreaming of luxury and SPA? You will find all you need for a perfect Easter holiday in Krakow by looking at the different options in the map above.

Other things worth knowing about Easter in Krakow

It can get very crowded in Krakow during Easter, simply because the locals get out on the streets, and so does a lot of tourists. You might not feel this so much at the Main Market Square (simply because it is very big), but if you want to do an excursion to Auschwitz or to the Salt Mines, you might be denied entrance, simply because it is packed and no free spots available. In other words, if you haven’t booked your tickets already, you are probably too late.

If you read this and consider visiting Krakow during Easter some other year, make sure to book your trips to these popular tourist destinations a long time in advance.

We wish you a happy Easter in Krakow. Do not forget that we gladly help you if you need help with a private airport transfer from the airport in Krakow to your hotel. It sure makes it easier and more convenient to get quickly to your hotel.

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Apr 10 - 21 2025


All Day


Rynek Główny (Main Square)
Rynek Główny (Main Square)

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