Wawel Castle

Wawel Castle: Entrance
Wawel Castle: Entrance

The Castle in Krakow, the Wawel Castle (made in gothic style), was built during the reign of Casimir III, who reigned in Poland between 1333 and 1370. It was later rebuilt and some more additions were added, as for example the Danish tower. The sword called Szczerbiec, which is the only remaining part of the Polish Crown Jewels, is exhibited in the Wawel castle today (in the Crown Treasury). The other parts of the Crown Jewels were removed during an attack by the Prussian Army in 1794.

There had been people living at this little hill for a long time before the castle was built there during the reign of Casimir III. For more than 5000 years this area has been in use. In the 10th century it was used as a bishop seat.

There are several other famous Krakow attractions located in the area of the Wawel Castle, for example the Wawel Cathedral.

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