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Unsound Festival 2024

Unsound Festival in Krakow is an annual celebration of innovative electronic and experimental music. It has been arranged for many years and it is growing in popularity each year.

What makes Unsound Festival so special? People love the festival because for some of the following reasons:

  • It showcases a wide range of electronic genres, making it accessible to various music tastes.
  • The festival blends music with visual art and performance, creating unique, immersive experiences.
  • Each year, the festival explores a specific theme that guides its programming.
  • Unsound also hosts events in other cities, fostering international collaboration.
  • It transforms unconventional spaces into art and music venues.
  • Unsound often challenges societal norms through artistic expression.
  • The festival encourages creative partnerships, resulting in innovative performances.

You should be aware that the festival is changing a lot each year, meaning that it might have a quite different look and atmosphere. As a result, it is always wise to check the full program and read about the artists before you book your trip to Krakow because of this festival.

Unsound Festival 2024

Dates: September 29 – October 6, 2024

There are lots of free concerts and events during Unsound festival. As a result, you can get a taste of the festival without buying expensive festival tickets. That is one of the fantastic things about this festival. Of course, some concerts are only for those with valid tickets, but it is still fantastic that big parts of the festival can be enjoyed by anyone without paying.

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Sep 29 2024 - Oct 06 2024


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