krakow Mountain festival

Krakow Mountain Festival 2024

It is often easy to guess what a festival is about based on the name of the festival. But, that isn’t necessarily so with “Krakowski Festiwal Gorsky”, also known as Krakow Mountain Festival. What is it about? Is it about climbing mountains? How is that possible considering that Krakow doesn’t really have big mountains?

Krakow Mountain Festival is a film festival in which they hand out prices for different categories in which the main focus is on mountains and climbing. In other words, this is a film festival for climbers and mountain enthusiasts. As a results, thousands of visitors come to the festival to show their support, to get recommendations, and to share their thoughts with other enthusiasts. Besides focusing on films, there are also lectures from alpinists, and sports climbers, and places where you can buy mountain climbing equipment and more.

Krakow Mountain Festival 2024

Dates: December 7-8
Location: ICE Krakow Congress Centre

Would you like to find out more about the event? There is more information at the official website of the festival:

This festival is arranged at the start of December in 2024, meaning that you can combine the festival with some nice Christmas market shopping. To read more about the Christmas markets in Krakow and other events in the city, take a look at our Krakow calendar to find out what’s going on in the city.


Dec 07 - 08 2024


All Day


ICE Krakow Congress Centre
ICE Krakow Congress Centre

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