Kazimierz: Jewish Quarter

Kazimierz: Jewish quarter
Kazimierz: Jewish quarter

The district called Kazimierz, which today is known as the Jewish Quarter, was founded in 1335 by King Kazimierz (Casimir III) the Great. He wanted to use this new area/district as a place to develop the town. Later in the 15th century John 1 Albert of Poland moved all the Jews to this area, and after that they raised seven different synagogues in this area. This is definitely an area to visit during a stay in Krakow.

Inside the area you can still find several synagogues, graveyards and Christian churches. Some of them are still active, others are not. Several scenes for the Steven Spielberg film “Schindler’s List” were recorded in the Kazimierz, so maybe you will recognize them if you know the film well.

Attractions in Kazimierz:

Kazimierz Map
Kazimierz Map

Christian sites:
1. Market Square with a town hall
2. St. Catherine’s Church
3. Corpus Christi Church
4. Church on the Rock
5. Engineering Museum

Jewish sites:
6. Old Synagogue, now Jewish History museum
7. Remuh Synagogue, still active
8. High Synagogue
9. Izaak Synagogue
10. Kupah Synagogue
11. Tempel Synagogue, still active
12. Old Jewish Cemetery in Krakow