Wieliczka Salt Mine

Wieliczka Salt Mine: Kinga's Chapel
Wieliczka Salt Mine

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is a blast for those who like salt, walking loads of stairs, and if you want to see something really cool! The Salt Mine is one of the world’s oldest salt mines, and it has produced salt from the 14th century until 2007. The Salt Mine is today one of Polands most visited attractions with more than 1,2 million visitors every year.

The mine is more than 300 meters deep, and more than 300 kilometers long, but as a tourist, you only walk 1% of the total length. During the tour you can walk in three different levels; the first at a depth of appx. 65 meters, the second level at 110 meters and during the third level of the trip you will be 135 meters down into the ground.

Along the way you will visit the Kopernicus Chamber, Casimir the Great Chamber, the Holy Cross chamber, and other chambers and the highlight is the Kinga Chapel where you can see “The Last Supper”, “Pope John Paul II” and a beautiful big hall, all in salt!

The trip to the Wieliczka Salt Mine is a great experience and a very nice half-day program during your stay in Krakow!

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