Krakow transportation

With around 750,000 inhabitants Krakow is a fairly large city, and therefore have a large and well-working public transportation system. The inner city, the Old Town, is also well-equipped with public transportation possibilities.

Train in Krakow:
The main railway station in Krakow is located just outside the old town (only a few minutes walk), next to the big shopping center Galeria Krakowska. The trainstation has been working since 1847 and trains are leaving for Warsaw every hour. Trains also leave regularly for Berlin, Budapest, Prague, Hamburg, Lvov, Kiev, and Odessa.

Airport in Krakow:
Krakows airport is called John Paul II International Airport and it is only 11km away from the city. There are direct trains leaving from the airport to the main railway station regularly (and the ride lasts for around 20 mintues). You can also order an airport transfer from here.

The Katowice airport:
More and more people fly to the Katowice airport a little bit further away from Krakow. Companies such as WizzAir, Ryan Air, Lufthansa and Air Italy Polska use the terminals of the airport. There are buses leaving from Katowice to the airport every hour. From Katowice you can either take a bus or a train to the center of Krakow (this takes around 1 1/2 hour).

Trams in Krakow:
Krakows tram system is connecting the northern and the southern part of the city together. Tickets for the trams and the buses can be bought at small kiosks around in town, and tickets should be validated onboard the tram or the bus.