Christmas Market

Christmas Markets can be found all around the world in the last month before Christmas, but now many towns can brag about having such a nice square as the Main Market Square in Krakow. So, can you imagine the atmosphere as this square turns into a big Christmas Market before Christmas? The inhabitants of the city have enjoyed this market since 1994, and they are really proud of it.

At the Christmas Market in Krakow at the main square you can find food and drinks, and also a whole lot of stuff to bring home for Christmas, either as gifts or as Christmas gifts for yourself. The market is open every day, and it normally opens at the start of December. Do not forget that in the winter months it can get really cold in Poland, and so also in Krakow, so bring good clothes!

Main Market Square - the location of the Christmas Market in Krakow
Main Market Square – the location of the Christmas Market in Krakow

5 thoughts on “Christmas Market

  1. Krakow Guide says:

    Read somewhere that the dates are November 27 – December 27 – 2011, but now sure if the webpage with the information was updated newly, or if the dates are from some other year!

    • Krakow Guide says:

      The dates for this years Christmas market (2018) hasn’t been released yet, so we are still waiting for a final confirmation.

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