Billie Eilish in Krakow

Billie Eilish Krakow 2025

There are many places you can be on a beautiful summer day in June. Maybe it sounds amazing to visit Barcelona and swim in the sea? Or what about enjoying the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris? Or does it sound more exciting to visit Mount Etna in Italy? Or are you like many others who only have one place they want to be on June 3 and June 4 in 2025, and that is in Krakow? Have you been dreaming of attending a Billie Eilish concert for a long time, and now you finally have the chance?

Krakow is a fantastic city. If you come for one of the Billie Eilish concerts, you should also spend some additional time in the city exploring the old town, the Schindler’s Factory, and also visit the Salt Mines and Auschwitz. Still, you should probably start your planning with buying a ticket for the concert you are interested in. We are extremely lucky, because Billie Eilish will perform two evenings in a row in Krakow. That is a privilege, and in other cities such as Prague, Oslo, Vienna, and Bologna, she will only perform once. That means you have a bigger chance of finding a ticket for the concerts in Krakow. But, do not forget that fans from all of Poland will travel to Krakow for this event, and considering that Poland is a country has more than 36 million inhabitants, we are expecting a big invasion of fans coming to Krakow for these concerts.

Billie Eilish started on Youtube and became a big star between 2017 and 2019. She released her first album in 2017 and it was with her second album that she went to the top of lists all around the world. Then she became even more famous as she sang the main theme for the James Bond movie “No Time to Die” in 2020, and since then we have heard her sing one of the most famous songs from the Barbie movie in 2023 and much more. Her most popular song on Spotify has been listened to approximately 3,000,000,000 times.

Billie Eilish concerts in Krakow

Dates: June 3 & June 4, 2025
Location: Krakow Tauron Arena
Tickets: You can buy tickets for the concerts at Viagogo.

There are quite a lot of other concerts and events in Krakow besides the Billie Eilish concerts. If you want to read more about other things happening in Krakow, look at our “What’s happening in Krakow“-page.

If you want to find a good hotel, or find information about how you can travel to the concert venue from the center of Krakow, take a look at our page about Tauron Krakow Arena.


Jun 03 - 04 2025


All Day


Krakow Tauron Arena
Krakow Tauron Arena
Stanisława Lema 7, 31-571 Kraków

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