Weather in Krakow

Krakow has a temperate/continental climate. During the summer the average temparture in Krakow is around 19 Celsius, but if is often more than 30 Celsius during daytime. The coldest months in Krakow is January and February when the average temperature is around 0 Celsius. Not far away from Krakow you can find Zakopane which is a ski city, and in Zakopane there can be up to 100 days a year with snow!

Most hotels with three stars has air condition for hot summer days, but to be sure, grab hold of a four star hotel!

What kind of weather can I expect as I come? That for sure depends, but take a look below at the current weather in Krakow, and maybe that will help you prepare for weather to bring big jackets, or if a shorts and a t-shirt will be enough.

Weather in Krakow right now!