The Jewish Community in Krakow after 1945

Would you like to get some insight on what life is like and has been like for the Jews in Krakow after the Second World War? Visit the Old Synagogue for this temporary exhibition titled “We Were, We Are, We Will Be. The Jewish Community of Kraków after 1945.

After the Second World War the Jews had some big questions to ask themselves. Should I stay or should I go? Is it safe to remain in Poland as a Second World War survivor or should I head back to Israel? In this exhibition we can follow the Jews and their movements after the Second World War all the way till 2015 when this exhibition opened its doors.

jewish community in Krakow

This is the biggest exhibition on this subject ever and it gives us insight in how the Jewish society started their new lives in Krakow and in Poland and of course how the religious life has developed over the last decades. It will also give us info on how the Jewish society has brought life into the Kazimierz district in Krakow again.

We Were, We Are, We Will Be. The Jewish Community of Kraków after 1945

The entrance fee for this exhibition ins 10 PLN, and it is well worth it if you are interested in the topic.

The exhibition will be available in the Old Synagogue untill December 4th in 2016.

For more information about Krakow a guided tour is always recommended, and if you have never been to Auschwitz before that is of course something you need to do as well. Look around in our Krakow Guide for information also on other attractions, restaurants, recommended hotels and more.

This Was the Hebrew School of Kraków

Hebrew School of Krakow
Hebrew School of Krakow

If you are interested in the Jewish culture, you might find this exhibition hosted by the Historical Museum of Krakow in the Old Synagogue interesting. The exhibition is devoted to the Hebrew Secondary School. You will also find answer to questions such as in what way did the Hebrew school differ from the Polish schools? Sounds interesting? Check it out in the Old Synagogue of Krakow.

Historical Museum of the City of Kraków
The Old Synagogue, 24 Szeroka St
Opens from 29 June to 15 April 2012

Opening hours:
Monday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Tuesday–Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Admission charges:
standard 8 PLN
group 4.5 PLN
family 16 PLN