Polish Legions 1914-1918: Exhibition

Polish Legions

Polish LegionsThe exhibition Polish Legions 1914-1918 is shown the first time to the audience in Poland. This exhibition is one of the largest collection of the museum.

At the Polish Legions 1914-1918 exhibition visitors will have the chance to have a closer look on the events, everyday life and art at the time of the World War I. The museum has a wide selection of various paintings, drawings and water colours. In addition to these at the exhibition countless uniforms, ammunitions and armory are on display as well. The exhibition is shown in Krakow the first time over 20 years. The museum shows the World War I in a new perspective and the visitors can discover more on the uniforms and weapons of the German, Austro-Hungarian, Russian and French armies.

The paintings of the battles and the battlefields by the artists who were in the army are presented as well at the exhibition. The exhibition Polish Legions 1914-1918 takes place at the Main Building of the National Museum of Krakow. The exhibition is on display from 6th August 2014 to 30th September 2015.

If you want to know more on the museum and the exhibition check the official site for more information.

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