What is the name of the river passing through Krakow?

The Vistula river in Krakow

Have you ever been to the beautiful city of Krakow? Are you coming to Krakow? Have you heard about the beautiful river that is passing through the city? Of course! But, what is the name of the river passing through Krakow? Have you forgotten? Is the name on your tongue, you simply cannot say it out? Here is the help you need!

The name of the river passing through Krakow is Vistula. That is the name of the largest river in Poland and the 9th largest river in all of Europe. It starts to the south-west of Krakow and goes through some of the largest cities of Poland (including Warsaw) before it ends up in Gdansk. The total length is more than 1000km.

It sounds nice to go on a long river cruise on Vistula through Poland, but unfortunately, that cannot be done. It is possible to go and enjoy a river cruise on the Vistula river in Krakow, and it is nice, but it cannot be compared to the popular river cruises you can enjoy in other Eastern European cities like Budapest (on the Danube) or in Prauge (on the Vltava river).

The Vistula river in Krakow
The Vistula river in Krakow

Unlike Budapest and Prague, the Vistula river isn’t something you will meet as you walk around in the city center. But, in the moment you leave the old town of Krakow and go to the Wavel castle or just down towards the river, you will be able to enjoy a magnificent view. If you decide to go to the other side or to enjoy a river cruise, you can also get a very nice view of the Wavel castle seen from the river itself.

The river has had many functions throughout history, and many battles have taken place around the river. It should also be mentioned that during the Second World War, ashes from the Auschwitz victims were thrown into the river.


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