Parking my car in Krakow

Parking in KrakowIn this short article we will give some tips where to park in Krakow so if you do not really know the city but you are with a car then this article might be useful for you during your trip.

There are many parking possibilities in the whole city you just need to know where you can park and if it is free or not. There are some places in the city where you are definitely not allowed to park, in the red zone, that is the centre of the city where no cars allowed to park at any time so you better just leave your car at the hotel where you stay or just simply out of the downtown area in the city. The city is not too big and the public transport is good so use that instead if you want to go to the city centre.

The next zone is where you are only allowed to park if you are local or if you stay at a hotel in this area which is also in the centre of the city. If not then you must use one of the parking garages in that district but it might not be the cheapest possibility.

A little out of the city centre you are allowed to park on the streets but you have to pay for it and it costs around 1-2 euros per hour and you have to pay from 8am to 8pm. As the parking here is not too expensive and it is still close to the centre it is hard to find a parking place. In the majority in the city you can park free just check the signs and make sure you are not in the centre of the city.

One more option is to park at the outdoor parking lot belonging to the central shopping mall Galeria Krakowska. You can read more about their parking prices here.