Taylor Swift concerts in Warsaw 2024

Taylor Swift ain’t coming to Krakow, but at least she is coming to Poland. Not all countries in Europe can say that, and that is why we have decided to write about the Taylor Swift concerts in Warsaw even though this is a Krakow Guide. We know many people will travel from Krakow to Warsaw to be there at one of the concerts, and we are convinced that thousands of people will travel from neighboring countries to Poland to listen to and see Taylor Swift live as she comes to Warsaw in the start of August 2024.

The three concerts with Taylor Swift in Warsaw will be arranged at the National Stadium. This stadium has a capacity for 72,000 during concerts like this one, and it will be full on all three evenings. It is situated in the Praga-Południe district of Warsaw. The stadium is easily accessible by public transportation. One can reach it via tram, bus, or metro. The nearest metro station is “Stadion Narodowy,” which is on the M2 line (the blue line). Additionally, several bus and tram lines serve the area around the stadium.

The construction of the National Stadium began in 2008 in preparation for the UEFA Euro 2012 football championship, which was co-hosted by Poland and Ukraine. The stadium was officially opened on January 29, 2012, with a friendly football match between the national teams of Poland and Portugal. It is quite incredible that even though it was a big event when Poland played against Portugal in 2012, it will be a much bigger event as Taylor Swift comes to the stadium on the first three days of August in 2024.

Would you like to be there at one of the evenings? This is a fantastic chance to explore Poland, to explore Warsaw, and to visit Krakow, and combine it with a fantastic musical experience with the person selected to be the “Person of the Year” by TIME Magazine in 2023. That is quite amazing!

Taylor Swift Warsaw 2024

  • Dates: August 1-3, 2024
  • Location: National Stadium Warsaw
  • Tickets: Viagogo

As you visit the website above to buy tickets for one of the Taylor Swift concerts in Warsaw, you will see a list of all her concerts worldwide. As a result, you might have to scroll down the list before you find the tickets available for her concerts in Warsaw and elsewhere in Europe.

Are there any good hotels close to the concert venue in Warsaw?

There are lots of great hotels in Warsaw. Use the map below to find good accommodation at the best possible price close to the stadium in Warsaw.


You can zoom out if you want to find more hotels and apartments further away from the National Stadium in Warsaw.

How can I travel between Krakow and Warsaw? How much time is needed by car or by train or by bus? How far is it?

The distance between Krakow and Warsaw is approximately 295 kilometers (183 miles) when taking the most common route via the A4/E40 highway. With good highways, this is something you could normally finish in less than 3 hours, but as the roads are slow, you just expect to use from 3.5 to 4.5 hours, depending on traffic conditions and driving speed.

If you’d rather go by train, the train services operating between Krakow and Warsaw are frequent and convenient. The route is served by both high-speed and regular trains. The travel time by train varies depending on the type of service you choose. High-speed trains (e.g., Pendolino) can complete the journey in around 2.5 to 3 hours, while slower regional trains may take around 4 to 5 hours.

I cannot come to Warsaw for the Taylor Swift concerts. Are there any other Taylor Swift concerts arranged nearby?

There are no other Taylor Swift concerts arranged in Poland, but you can listen to Taylor Swift in Vienna, in several German cities, and for example, in Amsterdam. None of these cities are very close, but if you are used to flying, then you can easily reach these European capitals within a few hours.

What can you expect if you come to Warsaw for one of the Taylor Swift concerts?

“Swift’s Eras tour is a stunning spectacle of visual effects and powerful performances, showcasing her evolution as an artist and solidifying her status as one of the greatest performers of our time.”

– The New York Times, https://www.nytimes.com/

“Taylor Swift’s Eras tour is a masterclass in stage production, with elaborate sets, dazzling costumes, and flawless choreography that captivates audiences from start to finish.”

– The Guardian, https://www.theguardian.com/

“With her Eras tour, Taylor Swift proves once again why she is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, delivering unforgettable performances that leave fans in awe and critics applauding her artistry.”

– Los Angeles Times, https://www.latimes.com/

Depeche Mode Warsaw 2013

Depeche Mode Warsaw 2013Only two days after the Depeche Mode concert in Prague the superpopular English electronic band will come to Warsaw as well. Yet another time the hottest artists skip out on Krakow and go to Warsaw, but at least they are coming to Poland, so we will have to travel to Warsaw to check out the concert instead.

Depeche Mode will perform at the National Stadium in Warsaw on July 25th, and you are all invited to come and discover both Poland and Depeche Mode at the same time. If you want tickets for this event which will be the hottest concert event in all of Poland in 2013, you can find tickets on the sites linked to in this article. If you can not come to the Depeche Mode concert in Poland in 2013, then why not buy their latest music from Amazon.com instead?

Depeche Mode Warsaw 2013
National Stadium
July 25th

Tickets: Seatwave.comViagogo – WorldTicketShop

Coldplay Warsaw

Coldplay WarsawThe legendary band Coldplay will be traveling across Europe in 2012, and one of the stops on this European tour is Warsaw. They are unfortunately not coming to Krakow itself, but that does not surprise us to much. But, we are very pleased that Coldplay at least will visit Poland, so we will all pack our cars with people and luggage, and travel to Warsaw on September 19th to the concert starting at 16.00.

Coldplay was formed in 1996 and consists of four band members. In 2011 their newest album Xylo Myloto was released, and it topped the lists of sold albums in all of Europe at once. As they come to Warsaw in 2012 the concert will be arranged at the National Stadium so it will be packed with people who are ready to rock’n roll together with Coldplay.

If you would rather see Coldplay in some other city, why not visit Paris? For tickets to all the Coldplay concerts in 2012, check the links further down on this page. If you are looking for a nice activity while in Krakow/Warsaw, why not go on a guided tour? If you are looking for a nice river cruise, why not make a visit to the capital of the Czech Republic, to Prague!

Coldplay Warsaw
September 19, 16.00
National Stadium

Tickets: WorldTicketShop – Seatwave.com

From Krakow to Warsaw:
If you are planing on traveling from Krakow to Warsaw, that can easily be done with car. The distance is exactly 300 kilometres and though it does not sound like a long distance, you should plan to use more than 4 hours, due to the bad roads on which you have to make the travel. But, still it can easy be made a day trip to Warsaw on September 19, and then you eat some nice food in Warsaw, check some attractions, go to the Coldplay concert, and then in the night you get back into the car and let the ones with most energy drive the car back to Krakow again. That could be a beautiful day you will remember for a long time.