Coldplay Warsaw

Coldplay Warsaw

Coldplay WarsawThe legendary band Coldplay will be traveling across Europe in 2012, and one of the stops on this European tour is Warsaw. They are unfortunately not coming to Krakow itself, but that does not surprise us to much. But, we are very pleased that Coldplay at least will visit Poland, so we will all pack our cars with people and luggage, and travel to Warsaw on September 19th to the concert starting at 16.00.

Coldplay was formed in 1996 and consists of four band members. In 2011 their newest album Xylo Myloto was released, and it topped the lists of sold albums in all of Europe at once. As they come to Warsaw in 2012 the concert will be arranged at the National Stadium so it will be packed with people who are ready to rock’n roll together with Coldplay.

If you would rather see Coldplay in some other city, why not visit Paris? For tickets to all the Coldplay concerts in 2012, check the links further down on this page. If you are looking for a nice activity while in Krakow/Warsaw, why not go on a guided tour? If you are looking for a nice river cruise, why not make a visit to the capital of the Czech Republic, to Prague!

Coldplay Warsaw
September 19, 16.00
National Stadium

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From Krakow to Warsaw:
If you are planing on traveling from Krakow to Warsaw, that can easily be done with car. The distance is exactly 300 kilometres and though it does not sound like a long distance, you should plan to use more than 4 hours, due to the bad roads on which you have to make the travel. But, still it can easy be made a day trip to Warsaw on September 19, and then you eat some nice food in Warsaw, check some attractions, go to the Coldplay concert, and then in the night you get back into the car and let the ones with most energy drive the car back to Krakow again. That could be a beautiful day you will remember for a long time.