Metallica concert in Krakow 2018

Metallica concert KrakowOn Saturday, April 28th, the fantastic rock-band Metallica will come to Poland and to Krakow to perform in Tauron Arena. Would you like to be there in the audience?

As Metallica comes to Krakow on April 28th, they will for sure know that their Europe tour in 2018 is drawing towards an end. It all starts in Lisbon on February 1st, and the last event will be their concert in Helsinki in Finland on May 11th.

The concert in Krakow will start already at 17.30. That is quite a lot earlier than in most other cities. We do not know the reason for that, but maybe the band want to be able to enjoy a nice supper in a nice Krakow restaurant after the concert on this nice Saturday evening? That might be a false theory, but at least it is a theory!

If you would like to be there at the Metallica concert in Krakow on April 28th, buy your tickets using the ticket link beneath. As you visit the Viagogo website, search for Metallica, and at once you will find tickets for all their concerts all across Europe in 2018.

Metallica Krakow 2018

Tauron Arena
April 28th, 17.30

Tickets:  Viagogo

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Metallica Warsaw 2012

Metallica in Warsaw
Metallica in Warsaw
The Sonisphere Festival is the event of the year in Warsaw, Poland, and this year Metallica will be one of the bands arriving to this amazing event. Not only Metallica will come, but also Machine Heads and Gojira will come to the festival where you are invited to join in. Come listen to Metallica, the band from Los Angeles, formed in 1981, sold more than 50,000,000 albums in the US alone, and now planning the release of a new album. This will be great. The venue for the Sonisphere Festival is the Bemowo Airport, so check it out!

Sonisphere Festival 2012 with Metallica
Bemowo Airport
May 10th

Tickets: – WorldTicketShop

Just a few days earlier Metallica will perform in Prague in the O2 Arena. If you would rather go to that concert, visit this page. While in Prague, why not enjoy a river cruise?

Sonisphere Warsaw 2010

Sonisphere Warsaw
Sonisphere Warsaw

Warsaw is hosting two big events in 2010, the AC/DC concert and the Sonisphere event which will be arranged June 16th at the Bemowo Airport. The Sonisphere event is an amazing event were superstars participate and rock the airport together. At the event in Warsaw you can listen to Metallica, Mastodon, Behemoth, Anthrax, Slayer and other big-shots, so Bemowo Airport is the place to be if this sounds interesting to you!

Sonisphere Warsaw 2010
June 16th, 14:00
Bemowo Airport

Tickets to Sonisphere Warsaw: WorldTicketSHop

Sonisphere in Prague

Ps: We know that this is a Krakow Guide, but when such big happenings take place in Warsaw we simply have to write about it!

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