Andre Rieu concert in Krakow

Andre RieuAndre Rieu is a Dutch violin master and conductor. He is best known for creating the waltz-playing Johan Strauss Orchestra. Andre Rieu and the Johan Strauss Orchestra turned classical and waltz music into a worldwide known concert touring music act which is as successful as some of the biggest and most popular rock music acts in the world.

In his early age he performed as a violinist with the Limburg Symphony Orchestra. Later in 1987 he founded the Johan Strauss Orchestra and his production company. He owns and plays a 1667 Stradivarius violin. He performed solo the first time My Way and Waltzing Matilda in Australia in 2007 September.

Andre Rieu is on tour from 2014. He is giving a world tour in several countries from all around the world including Brazil, UK, the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary and Belgium as well. Andre Rieu’s performance is one of the best selling acts on the world. His new tour’s name is the “Eine Nacht in Venedig”. He will stand on stage in Poland as well. The concert will take place in Krakow 28th May in 2015. He will perform in Krakow Arena, tickets for the concert are already available.

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