How to drive between Krakow and Budapest?

Are you considering a trip from Krakow to Budapest? How much time is needed for this drive to be made between the two beautiful cities in Eastern Europe?

If you do a quick search online, you will discover that the shortest road connecting the two cities is 396 km. Now, that you should be able to drive in approximately 3 hours, that is, if you would be driving on highways the entire time. But, forget about highways, as the roads connecting Budapest and Krakow are far from highways. That is why the expected travel time is 6 1/2 hours. And let me tell you, if you do this road in that amount of time, you have been highly efficient and you haven’t stopped to pie one single time.

Travel from Krakow to Budapest with Car
Travel from Krakow to Budapest with Car

If you feel terrible about the lack of highways, you can see an alternative path on the map above that is 652 kilometers instead of 396. The strange thing is that the time used is almost the same, but you will drive a much longer distance. The difference is that you will drive on highways most of the time, and thus you can experience the joy of driving fast, but the gas cost will also be way higher due to higher speeds and a much longer distance.

Should you, however, should the latter option, you will also have the chance to stop in beautiful cities such as Brno (in the Czech Republic) and Bratislava (in Slovakia) on your road to Budapest. But, do not forget – here you will need to pay highway fee for the Czech Republic in addition, so this will be one more additional cost.

So, what are you looking for? A beautiful ride through the Slovakian countryside, or a highway option with higher speeds, higher costs, but maybe it will feel easier?

The option is yours! Whenever you arrive in Budapest, make sure to visit the Budapest Guide at for all the information you need about the Hungarian capital.

New flights from Krakow to Budapest

Krakow and Budapest, two of the most beautiful cities in the Eastern Europe will now be connected through direct flights with Ryanair. The new flight was launched as a response to the bankruptcy of the Hungarian Airline Malev, and was launched together with 30 other routes from Budapest. So, for those interested, this is a great chance to fly cheap between Krakow and Budapest!

Check out the Ryanair webpage.