Witold Chomicz. Reminder!

Witold Chomicz

Witold ChomiczSince October 5th a new exhibition is on display in the National Museum of Krakow, in the main building on the first floor. The name of the exhibition is: Witold Chomicz. Reminder. From Ziayd Raoof’s collection. The goal of the exhibition is to show the most popular and famous paintings from this famous artist, book lover and teacher. The exhibition will first of all feature the area in which Witold Chomicz has been most succesful, in the area of graphic arts and applied graphic design. Some other works from Witold Chomicz will also be on display, for example paintings, stained glass and mural painting.

The exhibition will be on display until December 30th, so make sure to visit Krakow in 2012 if you want to see this. If you plan on visiting Budapest as well in 2012, read the following article for more information about what to do in Budapest in December.

Witold was born in 1910 and he died in 1984 at an age of 74 years old. If you do not know Witold and his works, this is an ideal exhibition where you can get to know much more about both him and his works.

Witold Chomicz. Reminder!

October 5th – December 30
National Museum – Main Building

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