Warsaw Christmas market 2014

We are a Krakow Guide, but since so many people out there are looking for information on the dates for the annual Christmas Market in Warsaw as well, we though we could write an article just to give some clarity, and to let everyone know when the Warsaw Christmas market will be arranged in 2014.

Warsaw Christmas market 2014 dates

November 26th – January 8th

If you see the dates you can see that it starts one day earlier than the Krakow Christmas fair and it lasts for 11 days longer. That is quite a lot, but since most people come for Christmas markets before Christmas, the most important is of course the fact that the Krakow Christmas market is open until December 26th.

Enjoy Warsaw, and if you come to Krakow as well, read more about the sights, attractions, activities and programs available in the city here in our Krakow Guide.

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