Good Krakow hotels in spring 2013

Krakow is a wonderful city to visit in the spring period and with more than 400 apartments and hotels to choose between it should not be hard to book something from home. What can be harder is to find a hotel with a central location and great service.

To help you find what you are looking for we have already featured different Krakow hotels in our Krakow Guide. In addition we will here present to you three different Krakow hotels which have great prices at the moment and they are all located in the center of Krakow, so you do not need to worry about booking a room in a hotel far outside the city center.

Enjoy Krakow this spring and look forward to have you visit our city!

Krakow spring hotels 2013
Hotel Grodek (*****)
Queen Boutique Hotel (****)
Hotel Wavel (***)

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