The most romantic places in Krakow

Krakow is a lovely romantic city in Poland which history dates back for a long time. Krakow and its streets are the perfect spot for a romantic get away for all the couples. So in this short article we will list some of the nicest places for couples in Krakow.
Romantic Krakow

The first place from our list is the castle which is located on Wawel hill. It is a perfect program to discover the ancient castle, the cathedral and explore the dragon’s cave and the cafe houses and to top this there is a beautiful view over the whole city from the top of the Wawel hill.

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Our second favourite place is the Planty, is a park just around the old town of the city. The park is an ideal place to have a romantic walk with your loved one. The park takes you to a beautiful journey around the city.

A walk along the river Wisla is one of the most romantic and fun thing to do in Krakow. Along side the river there are plenty of cafe houses, benches, trees and couples walking arm in arm.

Lask Wolski another popular place in Krakow. It is a large green area in the city where you can find all kind of animals, historical monuments and even a Zoo.

There are plenty other activities you can do in Krakow apart from these so if you want to know more on the city and its programs check the following site for more information.