Which is the best five star hotel in Krakow?

I am coming to Krakow and would like to stay with my wife in a hotel with five stars, in a luxurious environment, and at a good location, close to the main square of Krakow. What five star hotel should I pick?

It is always hard to recommend and answer such a question as “Which is the best five star hotel in Krakow”, but we will come up with an answer, and hopefully this will help you book a room in what might in fact be the best five star hotel in Krakow, at least we believe it to be so.

If the question one which is the five star hotel in Krakow with the very best location, then the answer would simply be the Bonerowski Palace. This is a fantastic hotel, which can warmly be recommended. It is not the biggest hotel, so for a romantic weekend in a luxurious five star hotel in Krakow, this might be a wonderful option.

Hotel Grodek - Best hotel Krakow
Is Hotel Grodek the best five star hotel in Krakow?

But, in general there are two hotels in Krakow with five stars now to be even better than the Bonerowski Palace, and those are Hotel Grodek and Sheraton Hotel. There are pros and cons with both hotels, of course mostly pros. Hotel Grodek is a bit closer to the Sukiennice than the Sheraton Hotel, however the Sheraton hotel has a nicer view. The distances are though short for both; Hotel Grodek is only 400 metres from the main square, while Sheraton is 900metres away.

It is impossible to say which hotel truly is the best, but based on ranking systems around on the Internet it can be said that in general the visitors give a bit better ratings to Hotel Grodek than to Sheraton. So, if you follow the crowd and user reviews, the best five star hotel in Krakow is Hotel Grodek.

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