In a few hours Poland will stand still for about 2 hours

In a few hours Poland will stand still for about 2 hours. From 21.00 tonight you will see few people in the streets of Krakow and even less cars driving around in town. It is not because of trouble or air-attacks, but because of the quarter final in Euro 2016 between Portugal and Poland.

For the first time in a long time Poland has gotten all the way to the quarter final in an international tournament and in front of tonight’s match quite a lot of people actually consider Poland to be the favorites to win the match. Christiano Ronaldo and Portugal will be their opponent, but they have not impressed much so far in the tournament and that is why the very strategic and disciplined Polish team is believed to have good chances at winning the match. Some sources also call this the battle between Ronaldo and Lewandowski. Ronaldo hasn’t played very well so far in the tournament, but has scored two goals which is exactly two more goals than Robert Lewandowski. But, a good striker doesn’t necessarily score a lot of goals, but he scores the most important goals, and if Lewandowski would score a goal or two tonight all of Poland and the world would forget about him not scoring in any of the former 4 Euro 2016 matches.

You can watch tonight’s match between Portugal and Poland online in different ways and you can find instructions on how it is done at

The match will start at 21.00 tonight, meaning that if everything goes by the plan then Poland will win the match with 2-0 after normal time and at 22.45 tonight the referee will blow his whistle and Poland will move on towards the Euro 2016 final!