Easter in Poland

Poland is a deeply catholic country which means Polish people take Easter and all the catholic feasts pretty seriously. Easter is one of the most important feasts in Christianity which is the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Easter in Krakow
So during this special holiday most of the stores, bars, pubs, shops and restaurants are either closed or simply empty in the city from Good Friday which will be on 3rd April in 2015. Although the majority of the shops and bars might be closed during Easter but there will be Easter related programs everywhere in Poland including the annual Easter Markets which will be held from the end of March in 2015. Good Friday is the traditional day of abstinence when Catholics visit the church on Easter Saturday typically children bring decorated baskets of food which contains a piece of sausage, bread, egg, mazurek cake which is a traditional Easter cake, some salt, horseradish to the church to get them blessed and on Easter Sunday the families gather together to have Easter breakfast. On Easter Monday is when the fun starts with water pistols and buckets full with water which is an old Polish tradition.

A holiday in Poland during Easter is a perfect opportunity to get to know the Polish traditions and culture a little more! Read more about the Easter market in Krakow here.

Opening times in Krakow during Easter

Shops are closed on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, but on most other days they remain open. Bars, restaurant and cafes operate individually, but more and more stay open throughout the entire Easter due to the big invasion of tourists coming to Krakow and to Poland in this period.

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Easter Market 2015

Easter is just around the corner which means that the annual Easter Markets are back in town again and it is not any different in Krakow either. Easter is one of the most important feasts in Christianity which is the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter Market Krakow

So on this occasion the Easter Market in Krakow will be set up again during this special holiday. Like in every year the Easter Market in Krakow will take place at the Main Market Square of the city which turns into a vibrant market for the visitors. The market offers the best programs and activities for adults and for children as well.

The market is fully packed with tempting food stalls where you can try the most delicious traditional Easter Polish dishes including egg in every variety, various hams and freshly prepared Polish snacks and drinks will be also available for everyone. Apart from the great food and beverages the market will give home to some nice Easter related programs, children’s activities and concerts as well as to crafted products such as ceramics, jewels and so on.

The Easter market opens at March 22nd and will be open for about two weeks, probably until April 6th.

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