The best nightclubs in Krakow

Are you looking for a place to spend the night in Krakow? Would you like to stay up and party instead of going to bed early? Where should you dance and have fun with your friends after midnight in Krakow? Here is a list presenting some of Krakow’s best nightclubs and party places.

Even though Poland is a conservative country, the people of Krakow are not conservative regarding partying. Would you like to join the locals? Here you have some brilliant nightclubs worth considering!

The best nightclubs in Krakow.

Klub Społem Deluxe, Floriańska 53, Kraków

This nightclub is in the old town of Krakow, not far from the Main Market Square. This place is known for live music and DJs, but it also has rooms where you can slow down and chat with your friends if you’d rather do so.

Klub Społem Deluxe is in a historic building. It has a retro-inspired interior that most people really like.

Choice, Floriańska 15, Krakow

Would you like to visit an upper-class nightclub in Krakow? Choice is exquisite, and the interior takes your breath away. As a result, it is a perfect location for a business party in a private room as it has a separate VIP room and a private lounge available.

choice krakow

Not only is it great for larger groups, but it is perfect for tourists who want a great place to listen to music, dance, and meet with locals and other tourists.

Choice is located in the center of Krakow, making it easy to find and reach for everyone living in the old town of Krakow.

Frantic, Szewska 5, Krakow

Ready for a frenetic party? Frantic typically opens at 23.00, and the party continues until early morning. Frantic has welcomed famous DJs and artists throughout the years. There are four bars where you can drink Polish vodka and other drinks suitable for late-night parties. In addition, there are stages and private rooms where you can enjoy other programs.

frantic krakow

Shine, Starowislna 16, Krakow

Shine isn’t in the middle of the Old Town like the previous three mentioned nightclubs. Luckily, it isn’t far away, and you just have to walk a few minutes in the direction of the Kazimierz district and you will be by the entrance of Shine.

Shine is a fantastic place for dancing with big dance floors, modern interiors, several bars, and lots of special events.

Shine Krakow

The Legends Music Club, Plac Szczepański 3, Kraków

Would you like to have fun while listening to great hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s? The Legends Music Club is perfect for dancing, meeting with friends, and karaoke. There are different programs on different nights of the week, so check the club’s Facebook page to find out whether it will be a karaoke night, a 70s night, or maybe a Beatles evening before you arrive!

The Legends Music Club is in the Old Town of Krakow, close to other clubs such as Shine and Frantic.

Are you ready to party in Krakow?

In this article, we have given you some suggestions for where to party in Krakow. Where will you go? Do you have any other suggestions? Use the comment field below to share your recommendations and experiences!