Bruno Mars concert in Krakow

On May 27th in 2017 Peter Hernandez, better known as Bruno Mars, will come to perform in Krakow Arena. This is one of the most awaited concerts in Krakow in 2017. If you want to be there, read on!

Since the opening of Krakow Arena a few years ago, it has turned into the most popular concerts venue in Krakow. It has also had a great impact on the city, especially since it is bringing lots of famous artists on their world-tours to town. It isn’t obvious that a world-star like Bruno Mars will visit a city like Krakow on one of his tours, but with the Krakow Arena in town, it has become much harder to leave the city out from such tours.
Bruno Mars concert in Krakow 2017

Before the concert in Krakow, Bruno Mars will perform in the German capital Berlin. And, after the Bruno Mars concert in Krakow, the same artist will visit Budapest and Hungary for a concert there on May 30th.

Since there are three days between the Budapest and the Krakow concert, you might meet Bruno Mars in Krakow as he discovers the city by himself? Maybe he will visit the Wavel castle, or just do a trip to Auschwitz or the Salt Mines? If you want to enjoy such programs as well, then you can read more about them and book such programs here in our Krakow Guide.

Bruno Mars concert in Krakow

May 27th
Krakow Arena

Tickets: Viagogo

To be there at the Bruno Mars concert in Krakow you can use the link above There you will also find tickets to all the other Bruno Mars concerts around the world in 2017.