If you travel some in Poland, you will realise that Paprazzi does not only exist in Krakow, but in several other cities as well. They claim to have “Sophisticated yet classic cocktails, original food, staff focused on your needs, comfortable sofas, carefully selected music and subtle lighting define the Paparazzi Café Bar experience.

On the menu you can find chicken burrito, nachos, chili con carne, sandwiches and much more. The restaurant also has soups on the menu and quite a wide specter of salads.

Paparazzi Krakow
9 Mikolajska Street
31-027 Krakow

Paparazzi Krakow
Paparazzi Krakow

Paparazzi in Poland is not connected to the Paparazzi restaurant in Bratislava.

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  1. Stacy says:

    I spent April until August working at a hoetsl in Krakow and Warsaw (locations in both places). Going between Warsaw and Krakow it’s all commuters really. Also that’s only a 2hr50min trip. Traveling within Poland is actually NOT a problem at all. I did it a lot. Wait I did it WAY TOO MUCH. Hahaha. PKP ( is the Polish train system and they’re great. When you get out of Poland on those overnights that’s where things get a bit dodgy.Here’s the thing. People always talk about this rumor of being gassed. It’s a freaking rumor. Ever been on a train? Think about HOW much gas it would take to fill a leaky compartment. It would take one of those massive tanks you see used to fill helium balloons. It’s a big rumor. You can lock the top lock AND you have a metal chain to lock as well.Usually what happens is people sleep more soundly than expected from pure exhaustion trying to fit in a kazillion places in a few weeks. I know a few people that had stuff taken on the trains but that was due to not locking the door, not locking their bags, and just some general lack of security precautions on their part sadly. I’ve taken the 2 *worst trains* several times. The books say Berlin to Krakow (because this train passes through to the Ukraine and there are some dodgy people on there) and the Krakow to Prague train. Berlin that trip sucks. You car gets disconnected and reconnected about 8 times. Prague is easy. But here’s the thing overnight trains leave you the day to do stuff but you’re so f’ing tired from horrible sleep that you really don’t get which ruins your day. Also getting in from Prague to Krakow 6:00am. By the time you get to a hoetsl will be about 6:30ish. Now in our hoetsl we didn’t have a checkout time. Which means you may not have a bed because the other person is still sleeping and hasn’t checked out. See how this is already adding up to a totally day of hell?Last time I went to Prague from Krakow I left at 7:30am and got there at 2pm. Perfect for check in at Sir Toby’s (my fav hoetsl there) and you still have most of the day to do stuff. Oh and all that dodgy train ride no more. Fatigue? Well you had a normal night of sleep so you’re not worked over when you get to your destination.Gassing It’s a rumor fueled by many.Night trains suck arse. Get a couchette if you take one.Be mindful of your belongings. I had a security cable that I could lock to things and locked my bag to the beds. It’s not a failsafe, just a deterrent.Polish older folk might know German, but most that I know don’t want anything to do with German. Anyone 35 and under will speak english to some degree. Try English before you bust out German It’s a gorgeous country. Very friendly. I have many friends there and I miss it dearly. Well not the snow and cold that’s there right now! I prefer Krakow over Prague any day. Prague is like mini-america in an old city setting. Sad. I should also note that Poland is a VERY modern country and not some dirty dark place like you might think. I know a lot of people think E Europe is this developing region and kinda crappy. Far, FAR from it!

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