Il Divo concert in Krakow 2016

Il Divo concert in Krakow

Il Divo concert in KrakowWant to celebrate the last day of May together with Il Divo in Krakow Arena? Get hold of your Il Divo concerts and be prepared for a fantastic May 31st.

Il Divo is the group of some fantastic singers that were put together by Simon Cowell from Britains Got Talent and X-Factor. He was the genius that dreamed the group that has since then received millions of fans all across the world. Now they will come to Krakow as well and on May 31st you can listen to and enjoy the beautiful voices of the Il Divo singers.

If you want to be there at the Il Divo concert in Krakow then you can buy tickets using the link further down in this article. If you want to buy yourself some Il Divo articles then you can buy them online at or buy them on (also available in English).

We hope and believe that you will have a good time at the Il Divo concert and if you have some more time then you should absolutely visit the Salt Mines and also do an excursion to Auschwitz while in Krakow.

Il Divo concert in Krakow

Krakow Arena
May 31st, 20.00

Tickets: WorldTicketShop

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