Christmas market in Krakow 2016

Christmas market

Haven’t you been waiting for this information for a long time? When will the annual Christmas market in Krakow be arranged in 2016?

Nice things to buy at the Christmas market
Nice things to buy at the Christmas market

As you probably already know the traditional Christmas market in Krakow is the perfect place to get the right Christmas atmosphere. It is located at the main market square in the center of the Old Town of Krakow, and here you will have a good time! At the Christmas market you can buy traditional Polish souvenirs, either for yourself or to give them away for Christmas. You can also drink some tasty hot wine or maybe stronger stuff, and if you feel like you want to fill your stomach with something delicious, then the Christmas market is the right place to be again.

But, when will the Christmas market in Krakow be arranged in 2016?

Christmas market Krakow 2016 dates

Opening day for the Krakow Christmas market in 2016: 25 november

Last day for the Christmas market in Krakow in 2016: 26 desember

It is just to go ahead and plan right away. If you want to live like royalty while in Krakow, check out our guide to the best hotels in Krakow right here. If you want to combine pleasure with a trip to Auschwitz, read more about Auschwitz excursions from Krakow here.

We wish all our Krakow fans a merry Christmas (quite early considering that we write this article in August), but as you read this article it might be December already.

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