SteemFest 2018

An average tourist coming to Krakow doesn’t know what Steem is, much less SteemFest. But, if you are a Steem enthusiast, this might be the highlight of the year in 2018.

SteemFest in Krakow

SteemFest is an event in which people who use the Steemit platform come together to learn from one another and to broaden their networks. Steem is a cryptocurrency, and people who use the Steemit platform can earn Steem as they publish their blog posts, videos, and other creative content. But, Steemit is so much more than a standard blogging platform. This is a community in which the people get to know one another through following each other and commenting on the others content. And, if you really like the content published by other people you can upvote it, and thus help the creator earn Steem tokens, which can easily be converted to cash later if the user wants that.

SteemFest 2018 in Krakow

The first SteemFest was arranged in Amsterdam in 2016, then the fun continued in Lisbon in 2017, and now the time is ready for Krakow to host the event.

SteemFest 2018 dates: November 7th – November 11th

The main conference dates will be November 8th and 9th, but there will be programs on the rest of the days as well, so make sure to join in for the full package. You can buy tickets for the event at Make sure to buy your tickets early, as the prices will rise as the event draws near.

Who will be at SteemFest 2018?

There will be lots of great people coming in for this event, including Steemit’s CEO (@NED). Besides him, you can also listen to and meet @oliviadejeu, @dollarvigilante, @joeparys, and of course the main organizer, @roelandp.

But, just as important is the chance to connect with other Steemians, to grow your network, and to meet up with people just as enthusiastic about Steemit as you are.

If you have had a goal of visiting Krakow, this is a great chance to do so. There will be touristic programs included in the SteemFest, so you do not have to worry, just join in on SteemFest, and you will get to discover Krakow as well! Among the recommended programs are the excursions to the Salt Mines and to Auschwitz, both must-see places during a trip to Krakow.

If you will arrive in Krakow by plane and need help with an airport transfer, check out our airport transfer service! Normally people do prepayment for the airport transfers using PayPal, but for people coming to the SteemFest, just write a comment and tell us that you want to do the prepayment using Steem or SBD, and we can fix that!

Have a wonderful time at SteemFest 2018 in Krakow!