Mariah Carey concert in Krakow

Mariah Carey

Mariah CareyAfter the opening of Krakow Arena the city of Krakow has turned into a fantastic concert city in Poland. Mariah Carey will also come in 2016 and the concert will be arranged on April 11th. But, it will not be arranged in the Krakow Arena but in the Tauron Arena.

If you come to Krakow to experience this Mariah Carey concert then you can buy tickets to the event from WorldTicketShop. If you would like to put your hands on her latest album as well which is called #1 To Infinity then you can buy that record on .mp3, on CD or on vinyl from

We hope you will enjoy the Mariah Carey concert in Krakow and if you look for information about attractions, activities, restaurants and hotels in Krakow, just look around here in our Krakow Guide for the information you need!

Maybe you did not get all you wanted for Christmas, but this is at least your chance to get Mariah Carey for a very, very late Christmas!

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