Krakow Christmas market recommendations

Christmas markets in Krakow

Are you packing your suitcase and getting ready for your trip to Krakow where you are going to discover the beautiful Christmas markets? Here are some last-minute Christmas market recommendations!

People love to travel in the spring, in the summer, and in the autumn. But, in the winter it can get cold, and it isn’t always that cool to discover a new city when it is minus degrees outside. But, the Christmas markets all across Europe have made November and December some hot traveling months, causing millions of people to leave their homes to visit another city and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere and the Christmas markets of that given city. And yes, that is true in Krakow as well. Before Christmas tens of thousands of people come to Krakow to discover the Christmas markets, and you will for sure not feel alone as you walk around the Main Market Square in Krakow to do some Christmas shopping.

Christmas markets in Krakow
Visit the Christmas markets in Krakow – By Velishchuk Yevhen / Shutterstock

Is there anything you should look out for when you visit the Christmas markets in Krakow? Here are some recommendations that will help you enjoy your Christmas market stay in Krakow even more!

Krakow Christmas market recommendations

Do not forget about the warm clothes

This is very basic; bring warm clothes! And when you thought you had packed enough warm clothes, bring some more. Poland is a cold country in the winter season, and it can be very dry air, making it feel even colder. It is also quite normal for some snow to arrive in December, so get dressed for cold weather. Krakow is beautiful before Christmas, but if you are freezing, all you can think about is your hotel room, a warm cup of coffee and maybe a hot bath somewhere. Do not destroy your Krakow Christmas market trip by packing to cold clothes. Bring everything you need, so that you can spend hours walking around in the center of Krakow without even feeling cold for a second.

Use an ATM to get some Zloty

It is tempting to pay with Euro wherever you can at the Christmas market(s) in Krakow. You can pay with Euro almost everywhere, and life is easier when Euro is the currency you use. But, if you pay with Euro you will generally pay more than you do if you would have paid with the local currency. You should, therefore, find an ATM and withdraw some Zloty. If you can pay with Visa or MasterCard, that might be the very best solution, but at those stands and places where you can only pay with cash, use PLN and not Euro.

If you want to visit an exchange to change your USD, Euro or SEK (or something else) to PLN, make sure to check the exchange rates in a couple of exchange offices before changing. This can save you a lot of money again!

Book your excursions/programs/tables early

You might think that there will be lots of free tables at restaurants all across Krakow in December, it is a “bad” month after all. Think again! Due to the enormous amount of visitors coming to the Christmas markets you might, in fact, find that there are no free tables at all in the best restaurants in town. In the same way, you might discover that the excursions to Auschwitz and the Salt Mines are fully booked, meaning that you miss out on some of the most important programs available in Krakow. Don’t do that! Read more about the excursions right away and book your trip today so that you can now for sure that you will get to visit the Salt Mines and Auschwitz during your stay in Krakow. And yes, do not forget to bring warm clothes on these excursions as well (especially on the trip to Auschwitz, in the Salt Mines you will be inside all the time anyway).

If you have a restaurant you want to visit, contact them today and make sure to get your reservation in order!

Salt Mines in Krakow
Make sure to visit the Salt Mines, also in December – By Xseon / Shutterstock

Let us pick you up at the airport

If you want to get to your hotel in the center of Krakow quickly, book your Krakow Airport transfer with us. We will have a Mercedes waiting for you at the airport, and once you get your luggage, we will take you directly to your hotel in Krakow. This is easy, convenient and cheap, and it will give you a fantastic start on your trip to Krakow.

Taste local food at the Christmas markets

We find this to be one of the most enjoyable things about a pre-Christmas visit the Krakow. Do not forget to taste some local food at the Christmas markets and around the city. The traditional goat cheese is fantastic, but so are the sausages, meats and the local sweets you will find at the Christmas markets. You might be afraid of buying something that you do not like, but if that happens, so what? You have tasted something new, you have become a richer person (not in your money wallet, but in your experience wallet) and you are very likely to love what you taste. Throw away your fear, and go for it… taste new stuff!

Live in the center of Krakow

Have you already booked a hotel in Krakow? Are you still looking? It is very important to book a hotel in the center of Krakow as you come for the Christmas markets. The taxis are quite cheap, but the money you save by staying far outside the city center will get lost in time used to get to the city center and on using public transportation and cabs. Wouldn’t it be much more convenient to just leave the lobby of your hotel, and within a few minutes, you will find yourself walking around at the Christmas market at the Main Market square?

Here are some hotels you might consider. They are close to the Christmas market at the Main Market square in Krakow: Palac Bonerowski, Hotel Wenzl, Hotel Wawel, Hotel Pod Roza.

Luggage, safety and more

It is much funnier to visit Krakow if you have space in your luggage to bring extra stuff home. You can look around at the objects at the Christmas market and know that you can bring it with you home, and when you taste some legendary Polish Vodka, you have space for it in your checked-in luggage.

You should also watch out for your belongings in Krakow. Safety is good and there are few problems, but why not be wise and take extra good care of your belongings? This will save you a lot of trouble in case something should happen!

Discover Krakow
Visit the Wawel Castle as you come to the Christmas markets in Krakow – By Dziewul / Shutterstock

Last, but not least; do not forget about the rest of Krakow. The city is beautiful, and if you first come to our city, make sure to visit the famous attractions and sights all around the city of Krakow.

What’s on your heart?

Have you got anything to share, something to recommend, or maybe a question? Use the comment field beneath. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Lillian Hennelly says:

    Im sorry I speak no Polish!
    I am writing on behalf of an Irish choir group going to Krakow 8th to 11 December. We are hoping to sing at a Mass in Krakow but dont know how to arrange this . I have emailed a few churches but to no avail! It would make the trip so special for us. We are a very accomplished choir and we will be singing on Christmas eve in Ireland and our choir has been chosen to be televised live at that Mass and broadcast throughout Europe on the night.
    If you could help in any way it would be greatly appreciated
    Kind regards
    Lillian Hennelly

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