Now you can shop from in Polish!

The people of Poland would love to get their local Amazon Store. Until that becomes a reality shopping from Amazon Germany in Polish is the best option!

We just read the news about how you can visit and enjoy the website in Polish recently. That is a great improvement, especially considering that people in Poland do not always master English or German to well.

If you click the link above you will be taken directly to the website, but it will not be in German and it will not be in English. Instead you can do your shopping from the German Amazon store in Polish. There might come some German words and sentences here and there, but in general you can enjoy your shopping experience in Polish. Doesn’t that sound cool? Unfortunately there are quite a lot of goods that can’t be delivered to Poland, but hopefully will offer free shopping to Poland as well in the near future.

You can shop at in Polish
Look at this! You can visit in Polish!

What can you shop from

You can buy Kindle, Fire tablets and lots of Amazon products. But, often you will discover that these products can not be delivered to Poland. In such cases you can use a package forwarding company to have those packages delivered to your home address in Poland still. Another option is to order something else, and the truth is that most products available on Amazon in Germany can be delivered to Poland. Look around and you will discover this for yourself!

Most people in Poland have done their shopping at Amazon in England or in the USA until now. The US Amazon Store might be the cheapest, but the problem is that VAT which will be added to all orders surpassing a certain amount, and once the VAT is added as the package arrives to Poland, it ain’t that cheap anymore.

The UK Amazon Store is easier to use, since it is inside the European Union (at least for a while). But, the prices there are higher than at the German Amazon, so there are several reasons for you to go ahead and use the German Amazon store instead of the American or the English Amazon store.

Press the link above to start shopping. You might not find the stuff there that you would do on the Christmas markets in Poland, but we have to admit that the stuff at is often way more useful than what you get at the Christmas markets all across Europe.