Private tours in Krakow

Finally we are able to arrange private guided tours in Krakow and private tours to the Saltmines in Wieliczka and to Auschwitz.

To you as one of our visitors that means that you do not have to sit on a crowded bus or be disturbed by the questions from tons of other people, but in quietness and peace enjoy the beauties of Krakow with your own private guide.

If you decide to go to Auschwitz or to Wieliczka you will be able to enjoy your own private guide, who is there to fully take care of you and your group. Because of this there is a driver in the car/bus in addition to the guide, making sure that you have the full attention of the guide coming with you!

Want to know more? Read about the different programs and tours in our Krakow Guide and come join us on one of these exciting tours today!