Restaurants in Krakow

Restaurants in Krakow

Krakow and Poland is known for their good food. It has many similarities with the Hungarian and the Czech kitchen, but of course it has its own specialities as well. The polish people always start with soup, then they serve a warm main dish (Polish Blood Sausage, Roast Duck etc…), followed by a sweet and tasty dessert. They like to eat Poppy Seed cake, puddig and they have very good cheese cakes around.

Look around among the featured restaurants, and hopefully you will find some restaurant that describes what you are looking for. In some places it might be useful to book a table beforehand, but if you come just a couple of persons it should not be any problem. For larger groups it is always useful with some kind of table reservation beforehand.

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Krakow restaurants featured in our Krakow Guide

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