Robbie Williams Krakow 2015

Robbie Williams ConcertThe world famous English singer, Robbie Williams will give a concert in Krakow during his world tour. Robbie Williams is an English singer who got world wide known with the British boy band Take That and he will be on a world tour from this year March to July.

After he quitted the band he started a really successful solo career and he released 11 albums since that and in a short time he became one of the most popular singers of all time. Robbie Williams came out with his latest album, the Under the Radar Volume 1 last year in the beginning of December. Robbie Williams will be on a world tour from 25th March and he will give his first concert in Madrid, Spain. The English singer will give in total 22 concerts, 20 in Europe and 2 in Asia. The Let Me Entertain You Tour will be the 11th upcoming concert tour of Williams.

Robbie Williams will be on stage in Krakow as well during the world tour and the concert will be on Friday 17th April in 2015. The concert will take place at the Krakow Arena. Tickets for the concerts are already available.

For more information on the tickets and prices check the following site: WorldTicketShop

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What is the average temperature in Krakow in February?

temperatures in KrakowKrakow is the second largest and one of the oldest city of Poland and it is also one of the most popular and visited cities in Europe so in this short article you can read about the average temperature in February in Krakow and general information on the climate of the city to make your visit easier.

Krakow has an oceanic climate which means winters are long and cold and summers are fairly hot and dry. Winter starts in December and it lasts until the beginning of March. The average temperature in the winter is around 0 °C during the day time and it is around -5 °C at night. On very cold winter nights the temperature can drop to -15 °C. The coldest months of the year are January which is definitely the coldest, February and December. February is usually the driest month of the year and the wettest is June when there are lot of rain in the city. Krakow lays nearby to the Tatra Mountains and there are halyn blowing which can raise the temperature rapidly to 20 °C even in the winter. The city has little sunshine during the winter through the coldest months which improves in February when the days get longer each day.

If you want to know more on the weather in Krakow check the following site.

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International Festival of Jewish Culture 2015

The International Festival of Jewish Culture will be held again this year from the end of June until the beginning of July in Krakow.
Festival of Jewish Culture

The International Festival of Jewish Culture is the largest Jewish festival in the whole world and it attracts thousands of people every year. This will be the 25th International Festival of Jewish Culture in 2015 and like in every year the best programs and activities are waiting for all the visitors. The main goal of the festival is to show and educate people about the Jewish culture and history. During the ten day long festival visitors can get to know more the Jewish culture and enjoy the best programs and activities the festival offers. The International Festival of Jewish Culture hosts countless concerts, performances, workshops, lectures and different games as well. Apart from these at the festival visitors will have the chance to discover more on the Jewish cuisine and try all the traditional dishes. The exact programs for the festival this year has not been announced yet they will be only available from February 2015. The International Festival of Jewish Culture will take place in Krakow in the Jewish district, Kazimierz. The festival will be held from 26th June to 5th July in 2015.

Józefa 36, 31-056 Kraków, Poland

For more information on the festival check the official site.

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