Limp Bizkit concert in Krakow 2015

Limp BizkitLimp Bizkit will be on a world tour from the spring of 2015 and on this occasion the band will stop in Krakow as well. Limp Bizkit is an American nu metal band which was formed in 1994.

The current members of the group are Fred Durst (vocals), Wes Borland (guitars, backing vocals), Sam Rivers (bass guitar, backing vocals) and John Otto (drums). Limp Bizkit was one of the most popular and famous bands in the late 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s. Over the years the band sold more than 31 million records world wide. During the years the band came out with 7 albums, their first one was the Three Dollar Bill, Yall which came out in 1997 and their latest album the Stampede of the Disco Elephants was released in 2015. So from the beginning of March in 2015 the American band will be on a world tour to support their new album. Limp Bizkit will be on stage in some European countries as well including Germany where they will give plenty of concerts in different cities such as in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich but they will perform in Krakow in Poland as well.

In Krakow the concert will be held at the Ts Wisla on Saturday 7th June in 2015. Tickets for the concerts are already available.

For more information on the prices and the tickets check the following site: WorldTicketShop.

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The most romantic places in Krakow

Krakow is a lovely romantic city in Poland which history dates back for a long time. Krakow and its streets are the perfect spot for a romantic get away for all the couples. So in this short article we will list some of the nicest places for couples in Krakow.
Romantic Krakow

The first place from our list is the castle which is located on Wawel hill. It is a perfect program to discover the ancient castle, the cathedral and explore the dragon’s cave and the cafe houses and to top this there is a beautiful view over the whole city from the top of the Wawel hill.

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Our second favourite place is the Planty, is a park just around the old town of the city. The park is an ideal place to have a romantic walk with your loved one. The park takes you to a beautiful journey around the city.

A walk along the river Wisla is one of the most romantic and fun thing to do in Krakow. Along side the river there are plenty of cafe houses, benches, trees and couples walking arm in arm.

Lask Wolski another popular place in Krakow. It is a large green area in the city where you can find all kind of animals, historical monuments and even a Zoo.

There are plenty other activities you can do in Krakow apart from these so if you want to know more on the city and its programs check the following site for more information.

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Eros Ramazzotti Krakow 2015

Eros Ramazotti KrakowThe worldwide known Eros Ramazotti will be on a concert tour from the autumn 2015 and on this occasion he will also perform in Krakow.

Eros Ramazzotti is an Italian musician, singer and songwriter. He is popular mostly in the European countries especially in the Spanish speaking world. Eros Ramazzotti achieved international success in 1993 when he came out with Tutte storie which was his 6th album and through his 30 year career sold over 60 million records world wide. Through the years he released 12 albums and his first album Cuori agitati (Troubled Hearts) was released in 1985 and his latest one, Noi (We) came out in 2012. From September 2015 Eros Ramazzotti will be on a concert tour in Europe and he will give 26 shows. Eros Ramazzotti will visit most of the larger cities in Europe including Ljubljana, Sofia, Krakow, Vienna, Zürich, Rome, Brussels, Amsterdam, Milan, Florence, Munich and so on.

In Krakow the concert will be on Tuesday 29th September in 2015 and the gig will take place at Krakòw Arena. Tickets for the concert are already available.

For more information on the tickets and the prices visit WorldTicketShop.

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