Christmas presents to buy in Krakow

Polish christmasIt is certainly not the easiest to pick the best Christmas presents for the family and friends and it is especially difficult to find the perfect places to get your gifts. If you are on a holiday in Krakow and you would like to take home the nicest and and most unique presents for Christmas then keep on reading and we will introduce you the best gifts you can get in Krakow.

There are plenty of souvenir and gifts shops and even markets in the city but the best place to go is in the middle of the market square at the Cloth Hall which is open every day from ten to seven in the evening. At the market you can choose from the various handmade bags, folk costumes, knitted scarfs, hats, gloves, craved chess sets, amber jewelers but there are different wooden toys for children, various metal works even replicas of ancient Polish weapons, colorful blankets, paintings and drawings of the landscape of Poland and so on. The quality of the market is surprisingly high and the prices are fair as well. At the market you can find the best gifts for the whole family and all your loved ones.

If you want to buy something stronger then what has been mentioned so far, then you should of course buy some real Polish vodka to bring home for your friends and family, but not for children, of course!

Another product many people buy in Krakow is the goat cheese, so that could also be something nice to bring home for your family. It tastes really good and can be bought in the streets and in lots of grocery stores!

Apart from the market there are several gift shops in the city which are mostly specialized for tourists where you can also find the best handmade presents.

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Ed Sheeran concert in Warsaw 2015

The world wide known English singer Ed Sheeran will give a concert in Warsaw in the beginning of next year in 2015. Ed Sheeran is currently on a world tour supporting his latest album the “x”.
Ed Sheeran Warsaw
Ed Sheeran is an English singer and songwriter who got world wide known and extremely successful over the last few years. Sheeran released his first debut album the “+” in 2011. From his first album Lego House and The A Team were the most popular and the most played songs on the radio. Ed Sheeran became an international singer in 2012 when he was a guest singer on Taylor Swift’s fourth studio album and after this in no time his name got world wide known. The end of summer in 2014 Sheeran started his second world tour and on this occasion he will give concerts in plenty of countries and cities all over the world. With the “x” tour he will visit the capital of Poland as well. The concert in Warsaw will take place at the Torwar Hall and it will be on Friday 13th February in 2015. Tickets for the concert are already available.

If you want to know more on the concert tickets check the following site for more information: WorldTicketShop.

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Exhibition on the works of Olga Boznanśka

Olga BoznanskaThis exhibition takes place at the National Museum in Krakow. The exhibition shows the works of Olga Boznanśka. Olga Boznanśka was a Polish painter who was born in 1865 and died in 1940.

Boznanśka is one of the most outstanding and unique Polish painters and her art works represents the Polish art everywhere. The exhibition shows more than 137 paintings of the artist but visitors also have the chance to get a closer look at 20 other paintings and art works of painters on the turn of the 20th century. The 20 paintings also includes the painters who inspired Boznanśka in her work. The exhibition shows the most beautiful paintings of her which made her world wide known. Along side the museum also displays art works of Boznanśka which has never been exhibited in Krakow before. At the exhibition you can explore on Polish art and its most famous painters along side with the contemporary painters of that time. The exhibition Olga Boznanśka is held at the National Museum of Krakow. The exhibition is shown from 25th October 2014 to 1st February 2015. The entrance to the exhibition is for PLN 17 for adults, PLN 10 for students, children and senior citizens.

For more information on the exhibition and the museum click on the following site.

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