A nice stroll in Krakow

Would you like to enjoy a nice stroll in Krakow? Are you tired of just walking around in the old town? Here is a suggestion for a very nice walk in the heart of Krakow.

You can start your walk by the Barbican

You can start your walk from the Barbican

If you want to discover a city in its fullness, you need to bring good shoes and walk around. Would you like to enjoy a very nice walk in Krakow? Take a look at the map beneath and just walk like you see on the map.

A nice stroll in Krakow

A nice stroll in Krakow

If you haven’t been to Krakow before, you might not recognize everything on the map, but it is very simple. Let us say you find the Barbacan, one of the most famous sights in Krakow. From there you just walk next to the city walls in the park area, and follow the road all the way, under the trees, next to the city wall. If you do so, you will see beautiful areas in Krakow, you will pass next to famous areas and attractions, and you will have an amazing walk.

If you bring kids, you will also pass by a playground somewhere between the Barbacan and the Wawel castle. If you in the same area decide to walk east, you can easily visit the Kazimierz (the Jewish district in Krakow). You will at all times during the walk be close to the old town (since you are walking on the border of it), and you will have plenty of opportunities to take photos and walk hand in hand with the one you love.

Enjoy your walk! 

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Beautiful pictures from Krakow

Spring is here, and Krakow is beautiful as always. Why not prepare for your Krakow trip with these beautiful images?

Beneath you can see pictures from some of the most famous locations and places in Krakow. If these pictures do not inspire you, I have a feeling nothing will. Krakow is beautiful all around the year, but especially in the spring when the sun shines and that spring odor is in the air. Enjoy the pictures!

Beautiful spring pictures from Krakow

Metallica concert in Krakow 2018

Metallica concert KrakowOn Saturday, April 28th, the fantastic rock-band Metallica will come to Poland and to Krakow to perform in Tauron Arena. Would you like to be there in the audience?

As Metallica comes to Krakow on April 28th, they will for sure know that their Europe tour in 2018 is drawing towards an end. It all starts in Lisbon on February 1st, and the last event will be their concert in Helsinki in Finland on May 11th.

The concert in Krakow will start already at 17.30. That is quite a lot earlier than in most other cities. We do not know the reason for that, but maybe the band want to be able to enjoy a nice supper in a nice Krakow restaurant after the concert on this nice Saturday evening? That might be a false theory, but at least it is a theory!

If you would like to be there at the Metallica concert in Krakow on April 28th, buy your tickets using the ticket link beneath. As you visit the Viagogo website, search for Metallica, and at once you will find tickets for all their concerts all across Europe in 2018.

Metallica Krakow 2018

Tauron Arena
April 28th, 17.30

Tickets:  Viagogo

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